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April 1, 2024

Thinking about dumping your in-office shredder? Let Secure Records Solutions handle the breakup.


Every business leader knows the importance of data security. Paper document shredding matters in any document security plan. In some industries, trade associations and government entities enforce laws requiring secure destruction of sensitive documents.

Many businesses find the idea of an in-office shredder appealing. At first glance, an in-office or desktop shredder seems like a simple way to securely destroy documents and safeguard data, perhaps saving money in the process. But in-house shredding leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to security.

This Valentine’s Day, you or your business might be thinking about moving on from your in-office shredder. Here are a few reasons to initiate the break-up.

In-Office Shredders aren’t Truly Secure

Across the spectrum of paper shredding equipment, a variety of methods and outcomes exist. In-office shredders are usually basic model shredders. They simply don’t get the job done to the highest data security standards. Shredders that only shred in long, narrow strips leave remains that could be pieced back together by malicious actors.

NAID-AAA certification, the highest level of security certification in the document destruction industry, requires destroyed paper documents be shredded into small enough pieces that they can’t be put back together again. Often, desktop shredders simply cannot reduce paper documents to shreds that small. Secure Records Solutions is NAID-AAA certified, with shredding capabilities that meet these requirements.

In-Office Shredders are Costly

In-office shredders seem like an opportunity to save money. While they are inexpensive compared to a large commercial shredder, businesses must consider accrued costs beyond the initial purchasing price.

Employees must devote time away from other tasks to operate in-office shredders, while the equipment itself takes up space that could be devoted to other work processes. Routine maintenance and upkeep create additional expenses. Altogether, the costs of maintaining and operating an in-office shredder add up quickly, making outsourcing a more appealing option for many businesses.

In-Office Document Shredding is Time Consuming

Most desktop or in-office shredders can only shred a few sheets of paper at a time. And before running papers through the shredder, employees must remove paper clips and staples from paper records. Not doing so can create jams in the shredder, damaging components and sapping more employee time clearing the jam and repairing the machine.

Outsourcing shredding means turning the responsibility over to powerful industrial shredders that can shred entire stacks of paper records in seconds. It also means handing off maintenance responsibilities to team members at your shredding provider’s location.

Office Paper Shredders are Not Compliant

Keeping accurate records is an important part of any document management strategy, and those records should include certificates of destruction. Destroying papers via a desktop shredder doesn’t offer the same level of security, let alone a certificate of destruction, that comes from partnering with a secure shredding service.

Clients of Secure Records Solutions can count on documents that prove secure chain-of-custody and proof of secure destruction. This ensures total document security from pick-up to destruction.

Let Us Handle the Breakup

Breaking up, even with your in-office shredder, can be hard to do. Having a great local shredding option to rely on makes it easier.

Secure Records Solutions offers the best in service and reliability, with a variety of tailored shredding plan options available to clients. Regardless of your needs or the amount of paper you need shredded, Secure Records Solutions has a shredding plan for you.

If you’re ready to learn more about how you can save time and money by dumping your in-office shredder and partnering with a professional, secure shredding service provider, contact Secure Records Solutions today.

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