What Sets Secure Records Solutions Apart From Other Albany Shredding Companies?

Secure Records Solutions document shredding

When South Georgia businesses need shredding solutions, they know they can count on Secure Records Solutions. After nearly twenty years of helping clients all over South Georgia, we’ve developed business practices that set us apart from other shredding companies in the Albany area. Our dependable, responsible staff and our team of innovative problem solvers know how to merge small-town convenience and flexibility with modern and innovative business practices to deliver results for Albany businesses. 

1. Dependability

One of our foundational principles at Secure Records Solutions is to deliver a legendary client experience any time we have the opportunity. As we deliver solutions from Thomasville to the world, providing a legendary client experience is always our top concern. Secure Records Solutions is consistent and dependable – we don’t break engagements or leave our clients hanging, and we love to communicate with our clients about how to better serve their needs. 

2. Flexibility

We offer flexible plans to meet the unique needs of each individual client. When you partner with Secure Records Solutions for your shredding needs, our team of problem solvers will tailor a shredding plan that best fits your business’s shredding needs. We offer in-office shred bins, plus onsite and offsite shredding options, giving us a suite of tools to create the most effective solutions for any business of any size.  

The best part of all? We’re right down the road in Thomasville. Our location in proximity to Albany gives us the chance to deliver fast, flexible service. Secure Records Solutions is honored to represent South Georgia amongst the fastest growing companies in the US, but we know our legendary client experience is based in our commitment to small-town customer service and real experiences with real people. And that’s something our clients can always count on.  

3. Security

All team members at Secure Records Solutions are industry-standard NAID-AAA certified, meaning your records and sensitive information are always in good hands. We employ the most stringent security standards to help protect our clients, and we always provide Certificates of Destruction as a part of the shredding process.  

4. Social Responsibility 

Secure Records Solutions also recognizes the need for businesses to take responsibility for our physical environment. That’s why 100% of our shredded paper winds up recycled into tissue paper, giving our clients an opportunity to offset carbon emissions through partnering with Secure Records Solutions for their shredding needs. You can read more about our commitment to the environment in our 2020 Sustainability Report.  

If you’re an Albany area business interested in shredding solutions that are dependable, flexible and driven by a commitment to a legendary client experience, contact Secure Records Solutions today. 


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