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Accounts Payable Scanning, organizing, indexing, and scanning accounts payable documents, Paperless System

If you are receiving bills from 100 or more vendors or more than 1 company location, the complexities of managing your accounts payable department are probably costing you a lot of money in missed discounts, administrative payroll, and process inefficiencies. Our scanning team has developed an expertise in organizing, indexing, and scanning accounts payable documents to help our clients take advantage of their scale in negotiating contracts and streamline in-house administrative processes.

5 Signs there will be a big return for your investment in an Accounts Payable Scanning Solution:

  • Adding an endless stream of administrative personnel to deal with endless amounts of paper
  • Printing and scanning the same AP document multiple times in the process
  • Shipping AP documents from one location to another
  • Missing discounts because your administrative processes are extending beyond the discount period
  • Missing the opportunity to negotiate discounts because you don’t have good data for managing vendors

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