Asset Management

Secure Records Solution's specializes in information and document management.

"The transition from our warehouse to SRS was great! Their team took every precaution in keeping the records secure. No matter how many questions I ask they have the patience and knowledge to get me through their process and website. They are a 5 star facility in my book!"

Kathy T.

  Asset Management

We apply the same security and logistics advantages of our record storage business to our asset management business. We provide inventory management services, storage of secure materials, and third party logistics for your organization to cut down on the space and time it requires for warehousing your assets. Whether you need specialty storage that is climate controlled or ambient temperature for your assets, we have the space and processes to manage your inventory.

Asset management differs from traditional storage in that it involves a higher security level, climate controlled storage, and ambient temperature control. This allows us to handle just about any asset you can think of!

The benefits of outsourcing asset management is that you allow create a secure backup or disaster recovery for items that, simply put, cannot be replaced whether their value is sentimental or essential for business. In the aftermath of a recent hurricane, our backup tapes that we keep as assets in climate-controlled vault allowed a company to be back up and running much sooner than their competitors and helped them avoid even more time lost getting back online.

The other benefit is that many businesses or families do not have the proper set up to store these things in the manner that they require – both from an ambient temperature control perspective and a security perspective. Avoid costly capital expenditures by outsourcing to a company such as Secure Records Solutions that is designed just for this purpose!

Vault Security

We have several types of space available, including a state-of-the-art Firelock fireproof vault specifically designed for managing sensitive materials such as LTO tapes and hard drives, though we also manage other sensitive materials. Of course, our facility is monitored 24/7 with key-card access and has the industry’s most stringent certification, the NAID AAA Certification.

Which of my assets may I store securely?


Anything from wine and family heirlooms to back-up servers:

  • Inventory
  • Digital Back-Up Tapes and Hard-Drives
  • Medical Records
  • Wills
  • Family Heirlooms

Other types of space include ambient temperature storage by pallet, climate controlled storage, and caged storage of sensitive items.

5 Questions to consider when you are evaluating your storage solution:

  • What is the cost of your real estate dedicated to storing things?
  • Does it require climate controlled or ambient temperature space?
  • How much payroll do you spend accessing those assets?
  • How active is your inventory?
  • Are you more focused on your own business, or managing back-of house functions like storage and logistics?



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