Cloud Storage for Documents

Keep your digital files accessible and secure, with a scaleable solution for your business.

"The staff at Secure Records Solutions helped us think through our document management processes and designed an efficient scanning solution to solve our workflow problem. I appreciate the way they focused on "why" we were scanning, instead of just quoting us a price."

Collier F., Thomasville, GA

Our Cloud Storage Solution was developed for the secure management
of digital files for clients who wanted a scalable solution for managing digital records. Software Defined Storage (SDS) strengthens data protection of digital records because it narrows the scope of what has to be protected, and password protects access to authorized users who have segregated access to their own information.

There is no upfront investment to begin storing in our cloud, and pricing is simple. You’ll pay based on the number of users and volume of your data. If you want to dip your toe in the water with one user and a few word documents, your cost will be minimal, and if you don’t like it, there’s no commitment to continue.

As you scale up your use, we can build out sophisticated workflows for your departments to push documents through approval processes faster than ever without sacrificing security. If you are ready to harness the speed and convenience of cloud computing, we can help you get started.

IT students

7 Questions to ask yourself before you store on the Cloud:


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