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"The consulting services offered by Secure Records Solutions provide a value that few other document management companies bring."

Victor M., Tupelo, MS

Solving Problems, Digital Conversions, EHR Conversion, Project Management, Quality Control, Information Governance


We help our clients implement technology solutions to improve their efficiency, such as streamlining the transition to an enterprise content management system, or fixing a system that is broken. Our management consulting team helps large organizations develop effective information governance programs by solving small problems of efficiency and scaling them to the entire business footprint. Our projects include: designing workflows, documenting processes, training teams, developing digitization strategies, automating records systems, and identifying waste in records storage and management contracts. Our team has extensive experience in information & asset management and compliance issues in many fields, and would be glad to share that experience with you.


Our clients engage us to execute projects to capture savings, improve compliance, and increase their ability to efficiently manage business processes. We leverage relationships with industry leaders across the country to streamline efficiency and leverage the thought leadership of experts we trust. For example, our clients in the Fortune 1000 have used us to identify savings in records management contracts by verifying inventory, negotiating transitions, and eliminating waste. We also coordinate logistics projects such as moving a library and the remediation of moldy records.


In many cases, our clients find they can more efficiently outsource an entire business process, such as records management or revenue cycle management, because of their corporate structure. As organizations of all types become leaner and centralize operations, we have found an opportunity to take over business processes that require heavy administrative investment and management. For example, our Scan on Demand fulfillment service has allowed us to manage the records of nationwide companies from a single location. Additionally, our ability to speed up revenue cycles has empowered healthcare providers to focus on giving care as they trust our ability to improve reimbursement rates.


Strategic Planning, Information Governance, Planning, Project Mapping


First we work with you to identify stakeholders, establish a budget and develop a strategy. This important first step helps streamline the process and set priorities.

Audit, Strategic Planning, Consulting, Management, Information Governance


Next we work with your team to create policy and procedures. We also identify storage and access platforms at this point in the project.

Project Execution, Scanning, Project Management, Logistics, Storage, Shredding, Destruction


Communicate priorities and processes to your team and automate the lifecycle of your information. Begin to manage digital processes.

Consulting, Management


Continued communication as we audit policy, technology and process. Address access, handling, organization and retention.

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