Is document management keeping you up at night?

We understand. Whether you have one location or one hundred, there’s so much to worry about. Everything from safe storage to secure shredding. The list goes on and on.

Now you can rest easy.

Why not let our management consultants help you better define your needs and develop creative solutions that really make sense for your business. They have comprehensive experience in information & asset management and compliance issues across a broad range of industries.

Some of the ways we can help:

  • Software selection & implementation
  • Document policy development
  • Workflow design
  • Compliance risk management
  • Paper-to-digital conversion
  • Retention strategy & management
  • Dynamic filing systems
  • Training teams
  • Information governance programs

Our team helps organizations of all sizes by solving small problems of efficiency and then scaling the solutions throughout the business footprint. Chances are they can do the same for your company. And they’ll even propose a smart strategy for moving forward before you ever spend a dime. Sound good?

Some of the industries we serve

  •   Education
  •   Accounting
  •   Banking
  •   Investments
  •   Government
  •   Behavioral Health
  •   Hospitals
  •   Insurance
  •   Logistics
  •   Real Estate
  •   Staffing/Human Resources

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"SRS made an overwhelming task so easy for us! Timing and service was fantastic! I'd highly recommend SRS to any business looking for storage, shredding, or document management needs."

Audrey F., Tallahassee, FL


Contrary to popular belief, there is a simple way to save time, cut costs, and reduce stress.

Yes, we said simple. Our clients are able to net savings, bolster compliance, and boost efficiency by hiring us to handle turnkey projects. That’s why they partner with us again and again to help them streamline and strengthen their document management business processes.

Outsourcing may be the answer.

By outsourcing those processes that require heavy administrative investment and management, you gain efficiencies and open up new opportunities. In fact, companies of all kinds regularly depend on us to help them do that and more, as the following examples amply demonstrate.

Our team developed a total document management system for a national logistics company that minimizes their compliance and logistics costs.

For a regional medical facility, we centralized records in one location to better manage retention policy, while scanning and digitizing new requests for records, eliminating the dependence on paper charts. Savings: 90% of the amount budgeted.

Our project management team helped a Healthcare Provider Association identify those records that regulations required them to retain. These were uploaded for quick digital access, while the rest were securely stored at a fraction of the cost of scanning them all.

We create comprehensive solutions for many Fortune 1000 companies — including everything from record retention policy and strict regulatory compliance to detailed reporting — saving them time, money, and worries.

You can read more about these success stories and others here

Simply put, we help clients manage their information more efficiently so it’s more valuable to them and less costly to administer. If this sounds like something that would benefit your company, why not take the first step now.

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First we work with you to identify stakeholders, establish a budget and develop a strategy. This important first step helps streamline the process and set priorities.



Next we work with your team to create policy and procedures. We also identify storage and access platforms at this point in the project.



Communicate priorities and processes to your team and automate the lifecycle of your information. Begin to manage digital processes.



Continued communication as we audit policy, technology and process. Address access, handling, organization and retention.



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