Specialty Scanning

Digitizing these documents are no problem for us.

"The primary benefit [of working with SRS] was that it forced our staff to go electronic, to embrace that theology."

Angela H., Americus, GA

Specialty Scanning

Secure Records Solutions will index new digital images on original microfilm or microfiche.  We utilize an Optical Character Recognition software which allows clients to search scanned documents using keywords. Consider how much time and energy this saves you from having to sift through boxes and boxes of micromedia!

Large Format Document Scanning including Construction Document Scanning

Are your files larger than 8.5 x 11? Bring it on! Secure Records Solutions can digitize all standard large format documents, from A-E sizes. Imagine the time you could save by digitizing those blueprints you refer to on a regular basis!

Large Format Scanning Benefits

If you are currently scanning these documents internally, Secure Records Solutions can cut that cost by nearly 50%! Our scanning fleet allows us to digitize your large and wide format documents clearer, quicker, and cheaper. For more benefits, see below:

  • No wasted overhead: you are only billed based on the number of documents scanned
  • Instant Retrieval through digital index: Utilize full-text search to find any scanned document instantly
  • Immediate Accessibility: your documents will be instantly accessible by your entire team simultaneously
  • Cut overhead costs of machinery and software: no longer need to justify the capital expense and annual maintenance expenses
  • Reclaim space for higher value purposes: After digitizing your large format documents you will be able to use the space for profit building purposes!
  • Tired of managing an internal scanning and indexing team? Choose Secure Records Solutions and reallocate that valuable time spent managing
  • No more lost or misplaced documents: never lose another engineering or architectural drawings, construction plans, maps, etc.
  • Improved control: all documents are scanned, indexed then uploaded into a central database
  • Hire Professionals: choose the experts for maximum efficiency, quality and customer care
  • Increase Staff Productivity: your users should no longer spend expensive time scanning, indexing and searching for media

Industries Served with Document Scanning

  • Small to Mid-Sized Businesses
  • Healthcare and Medical practices
  • Lawyers, Accountants and other professionals
  • Financial Services
  • Not For Profit entities
  • Government Agencies – Federal, State and Local
  • Architects, contractors.
  • Universities and education systems

Fragile Document – Digital Conversions

Large documents can be fragile. This is no problem for the Secure Records Solutions scanning fleet. Our image enhancement applications ensure excellent image quality, even with aged and fragile documents.

Digitize your fragile media today!

Specialty Scanning Process:

  1. A Secure Records Solutions consultant meets with your staff to determine the file type, scanning resolution, and indexes needed for your documents
  2. A Secure Records Solutions vehicle picks up your engineering or architecture drawings, construction plans, maps, etc.
  3. We can deliver your files in many ways – by disk, through our encrypted cloud software, or by email, just to name a few.

Specialty Scanning Services Made Easy

Secure Records Solutions is a full-service document scanning and information management services business. We will scan your documents, index the required information, store the images or upload the files to your systems or servers. We can also store the physical documents in our storage facility as a redundant backup, and then shred the material when you’re ready. Simply put, we make it easy for you.

  • Secure and Compliant: Document and image handling meet the strict guidelines of HIPAA and other privacy regulations throughout our secure scanning process.
  • Documents on Demand: Access your scanned documents from any web enabled device. We’ll ensure your files will be accessible when you need them.
  • Cost Effective Approach: One size does not fit all. We’ll make sure we understand your unique requirements and we’ll provide a cost effective way to implement it.

Scanning your paperwork, files and documents can often improve the efficiency of your organization by allowing easier access to information. Or, it can create unnecessary hassle and expense that only serves to convert a current physical problem to a future digital one.

The difference in outcome depends on the overall goals you have for your project, and is determined before you choose a vendor company or make a buying decision.

So why not talk to someone in your local area who can help you establish goals, plan your scanning project, and execute it to provide the results you need?

Secure Records Solutions is here to help!

We’ll teach you the landscape of digital conversions and help you ask the right questions—before you spend money on something that doesn’t solve the problem or accomplish your goals.



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