EMR Software Implementation

We'll ensure your transition to your new software goes without incident.

"Our medical center recovered 10,000 square feet, eliminated the liability of records that met their retention, and has a HIPAA compliant solution for storing & scanning the remainder at 20% of the cost to scan it all."

Deborah R., Corporate Compliance Officer, Dothan, AL

Our team of experts has helped clients in many areas of healthcare develop successful conversion plans at every stage of their EMR Software implementation. Whether they were choosing a software, starting implementation, scanning files into the software, or pursuing process improvements, we were able to help them. We will help you ask the right questions to ensure you don’t spend more than you should, while fully utilizing the benefits of the software you’ve chosen.

If you are searching for EMR software:

  • Has anyone you know used this software? You don’t want to buy the wrong software and spend that much money twice.
  • Is this software specifically geared toward your industry and state? Document Management Systems can dramatically improve your compliance, or create a huge headache. If it doesn’t have the features you need, or doesn’t communicate with your State’s reimbursement portal, the cost of failure could be much higher than what you paid your software vendor.
  • Do you have a plan? Every organization and software is unique. If you don’t have a plan, the implementation will be a total nightmare. We can help you develop a plan that will maximize your transition efficiency and the value you ultimately get out of your software.

If you’ve purchased EMR software:

  • What are you going to scan in? Don’t scan records you’ll never need and double the cost of conversion. Buying your team software and a scanner without a plan for what you’re going to scan can easily double the cost of your conversion.
  • How will you control implementation costs? The proposal by your EMR software vendor only covers their involvement – not the time and resources of your own team. If your overtime costs are ballooning, we can help.
  • What happens when the EMR implementation team goes home? If you don’t have an internal team that manages process improvement and training, you’re asking for a coup from a staff that feels left out to dry.

If you’ve implemented EMR software:

  • Are paper charts still circulating in your office? Don’t assume you’ve “gone digital” because you bought an EMR and gave your team a scanner. If you haven’t removed paper from the environment, you are inviting the luddites in your organization to determine the success of your new system.
  • Are you fully utilizing the data your EMR can produce to improve your internal processes?
  • Are you printing out of your EMR or managing a separate paper record system? Doesn’t sound like you are done.



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