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Hard Copy Paper Record StorageWe have 15 years of experience managing a state of the art records center that leverages 30 foot ceilings and 75,000 square feet of floor to create a secure, efficient solution for your hard copy records. We barcode every box as it comes in, and apply an index of the files contained within each box. When you need a file, we can pull and scan the file for delivery within 15 minutes. If you need us to deliver a record, that’s easy, too!

What to ask yourself before storing your records with a records management provider:

  • Do you have more records than you can comfortably fit in your office?
  • Have you applied retention dates to your records so they are destroyed as soon as they are eligible?
  • Are your records stored in a location that provides adequate security to prevent a breach?
  • Can anyone in your organization quickly find a record when they need it?
  • What is the opportunity cost for the space you are storing your records now?

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