Hard Copy Records Storage

Our records center is well equipped to handle your record storage needs.

"Secure Records Solutions has been a valuable partner in our agency. Through our collaboration, we have been able to minimize many administrative functions that took time and personnel. Just one major area is packaging and mailing records request. It is worth an agency’s time who handles large amount of records to talk to Secure Records Solutions."

Aundria C., Jonesboro, GA

Secure Records Solutions has offered secure, hard copy records storage for over 17 years. We manage a state of the art records center that leverages 30 foot ceilings and 75,000 square feet of floor to create a secure, efficient solution for your hard copy records. Records are kept in a facility that is monitored 24/7 with specialized badge access. We barcode every box as it comes in, and apply an index of the files contained within each box. When you need a file, we can pull and scan the file for delivery within 15 minutes. If you need us to deliver a record, that’s easy, too!

If you are considering outsourcing storage, ask yourself these questions:

    • Do you have more records than you can comfortably fit in your office?
    • Have you applied retention dates to your records so they are destroyed as soon as they are eligible?
    • Are your records stored in a location that provides adequate security to prevent a breach?
    • Can anyone in your organization quickly find a record when they need it?
    • What other ways could you use the space you are storing your records now?

If you aren’t comfortable with your answers, then give us a call today. We’ll walk you through the best options for your records storage needs.

Storage as a Component of Document Management

While Secure Records Solutions does offer storage as a stand-alone service for many businesses, the more modern and updated application of our storage solution has been as part of a comprehensive document management approach to records. Simply relocating files as an office runs out of space does not truly address the problem. Instead, we use storage as one component in a more holistic solution that truly solves the problem. This is in line with our motto of “always improving.”

In this vein, we take an active approach to storage, indexing the files, letting you know exactly what you have and informing you every month as to what records have met retention and are therefore eligible for destruction. For many clients, the cost to store documents will actually decrease over time as documents meet retention!



Compliance isn’t a commodity you can buy. We partner with our clients to create storage and shredding solutions tailored to their needs, including ongoing training and process improvement to keep them up to speed on industry best practices.

In 2020, Secure Records Solutions received the Privacy + Certification. This is in addition to the NAID AAA Certification that SRS has had since 2013. SRS is the only independent records management facility to maintain both the Privacy + and NAID AAA certifications within a 200-mile radius of our Thomasville, GA headquarters. The PRISM Privacy+ certification is focused on secure records management and is considered the highest certification possible for document storage facilities. In order to obtain this certification, SRS had to passed a stringent audit that reviewed 10 different areas of the business, including organization and management control, information security policy, human resources, vendor management, environmental controls, physical access controls, logical access controls, electronic access, and network security. This third-party verification enables you to fulfill your regulatory requirement of due diligence for the safety and storage of sensitive information. This provides an additional layer of security and protection to you.

 The Privacy + certification meets or exceeds requirements for the following organizations:



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