Human Resources Scanning

We're here to help you control your files in any system, so you can focus on your people

"The team at Secure Records Solutions is very professional and the nicest and most honest people I've dealt with in a long time. I recommend them for all your shredding & scanning needs."

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If you work in an industry with high turnover, you are probably swimming in personnel records. We understand Human Resources scanning projects better than most. Whether you have chosen a software for managing these files or are still an entirely paper-based operation, we can help you get control of your files so that you can focus on your people.

“Secure Records Solutions has been a valuable partner in our agency.  Through our collaboration, Clayton Center has been able to minimize many administrative functions that took time and personnel.  Just one major area is packaging and mailing records request.  It is worth an agency’s time who handles large amount of records to talk to Secure Records Solutions.” – Clayton Center CEO Aundria Cheever

7 Clues you need help with your Human Resources files:

  • You can’t find a file when you need it
  • You’ve had an internal or external breach of confidential personnel information due to poor storage or access processes
  • Your team can’t keep up with the scanning to feed your Software
  • Waiting on files is increasing the length of time it takes to process new employees
  • The scanning isn’t being done right, and you are constantly having to clean up digital files
  • You aren’t managing personnel file retention closely, increasing your liability
  • You spend more time managing the process of getting information into the system than you do using that information


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