North Florida Businesses Should Work with a Locally-Owned Company

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March 29, 2024

Recently we began a relationship with a new client who was under the impression that her former shredding company was locally owned. When we informed her that her former provider had actually sold out to an international company years ago, it explained the service issues she had experienced, from lapses in service to poor customer service! And this new client is not alone! Businesses in Tallahassee, Live Oak, Gadsden, and other North Florida communities should choose a locally owned shredding company to deal with their shredding needs.

There are many benefits to using a locally owned shredding company, which we detail below.

  1. When you call a locally owned shredding company, you get to speak to an actual person. There’s nothing more frustrating than calling a company and getting an automated attendant. By the time you get through pressing all the numbers, frustrations may be running high, or you could just give up! They make it difficult to speak to a person on purpose!
  2. We are flexible.If you need to add a bin or location, change your scheduled pick-up, or book a one-time purge after an important event, you can speak to our client service team right away, and they’ll take care of you immediately.
  3. We offer more than just shredding. Sometimes, a company only needs shredding; however, other times additional document management services may be needed. We have the ability to provide indexing, scan on demand, storage, and media destruction. So no matter what your document management needs are, we can help you.
  4. You get local service with world-class expertise. Even though Secure Records Solutions has been serving North Florida for 17 years, our management team has world-class expertise. The firm has the industry’s highest accreditations for both shredding (NAID AAA) and storage (Prism Privacy +), and partner Christopher Jones just completed a 2-year term as co-President of I-SIGMA, the RIM industry’s largest international professional association, and remains on the board of directors. With these affiliations and accreditations, you can be sure you will receive a best-in-class experience.
  5. You have the guarantee of the founders As business owners, it is our partners’ family name and reputation on the line; therefore, we will always deliver high-quality service.

Opening a business in a small town, W. Powell Jones had to stand at the front door and assure friends and local professionals that SRS would safeguard whatever information was entrusted to us. This same philosophy of safeguarding information for our clients remains. As a result, this family business has grown a lot – we’ve moved hundreds of relationships because we are able to offer efficient pricing and great service as a closely held business.

If this sounds like the type of service company you’re looking to partner with, give us a call today. We’d love the opportunity to work with you.

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