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Records Management Systems and Consulting


We develop solutions for large organizations converting their processes to paperless systems, such as ECM and EMR softwares. Without this support, we find our clients spend many times what they have to, including the purchase and implementation of multiple softwares at great cost.

Indexing records for retention, scanning, shredding


Reduce the cost of your electronic records conversion by partnering with the experts, and taking advantage of our experience, technology, and scale. We develop solutions that can save up to 80% of your electronic records conversion project costs.

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Electronic inventory management system


We leverage state of the art security and dynamic filing systems to create storage solutions for clients of all sizes. Our vaulted storage and barcoding technology are ideal for managing large volumes of sensitive data.

We also manage shipping/receiving for clients that need loading facilities.

Paper Shredding


We offer efficient solutions tailored to meet each client's specific compliance needs. If security is important to you, we can help you develop a shredding program compliant with your industry's regulations.