Medical Records Scanning

We know the how to ensure your records are kept secure and easily managed.

"The Oncology department met our aggressive goal on time and under budget, without interrupting patient care. We wouldn’t have without the Secure Records Solutions team."

Matthew C., Moultrie, GA

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Secure Records Solutions has many years of experience working with healthcare facilities to get the most value out of their records. Our high production medical records scanning team works with healthcare providers of all sizes. We understand what you are faced with in a high intensity environment where records need to be scanned quickly, securely, and accurately. Our continuing HIPAA education ensures that we are in a position to advise you on the most secure and efficient way to manage the conversion of your paper charts, and our absolute guarantee of your happiness with the scanning we do for you ensures that you’ll be glad you partnered with us.

Backfile Scans of Archival Records

When you need to convert older charts, we’ll spend time looking at them with you and talking through your strategy for what needs to be scanned as compared to what our many other clients scan in similar scenarios. You’ll always get the benefit of our experience, and a commitment that we will help you make a good decision. That means we will challenge your thinking when we disagree on strategy, because we want to earn a long-term place on your medical record team.

Many times, we will suggest a more comprehensive document management approach that includes a combination of storage, destruction, and ongoing scan-on-demand support. This hybrid approach allows medical facilities to  truly understand what records you have through indexing. In this scenario, our team comes onsite and packs up the records you have, sorts them at the file level based on their retention requirement so each box has the same requirement, and creates an inventory at the file level with three indices to optimize search capabilities, then applies your retention policy to automate destruction of records that are eligible, and to tell you how long the remaining records must be kept. In the vein of always improving, we find this approach is a fraction of the cost of scanning without sacrificing quality or your facility’s needs. While storage without indexing may seem cheaper on the surface, if files are not being destroyed, that cost will remain fixed indefinitely. At SRS, we typically find that 30-40% of a client’s records are immediately eligible for destruction, saving them the cost of storing or scanning records they’ll never need. Furthermore, as records become eligible for destruction, we notify them and handle the shredding. As storage volume is reduced, the cost goes down until it eventually is $0.

This approach will require you to think differently. The historic approach has been to “scan everything” or that “out of sight; out of mind” is the easy answer. What we’ve found, however, is that neither truly solves the problem, which may mean continued process problems down the road, including difficulty adopting EMR.


Ongoing Scanning Support

Ongoing medical record scanning support looks more like a workflow solution where we will back you up when you have more scanning than your team can handle because of employees missing work, an unusual caseload, or a merger with another clinic. Our team will learn your language and act as an extension of your office when you need us. We have plenty of case studies of specific examples, so contact us today if you would like more information about your specific medical file scanning needs.



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