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We are solving problems in 48 states.

In response to Legal Discovery issues, our team developed a total records system for a rapidly growing national logistics company that would minimize the compliance and logistics cost of their records management program. Utilizing a unique logistics network, our team collects, organizes, indexes, stores, and manages the retention period for all records, scanning any records that are needed to fulfill requests for 175 locations in 48 states.

Document and records storage and indexing
Solving Problems in Scanning, EHR, EMR Conversions


We are solving problems our clients didn’t know they had.

Originally called in to quote a large scanning project, we guided the Medical Records Department away from scanning all of their records based on our assessment of the volume, retention, and activity of those records. We’ve since helped broaden a hospital-wide initiative to organize all records in one location for intensive management of their retention policy, and scanning all requests into their Electronic Health Record Software, ensuring the success of their conversion and eliminating their staff’s dependence on paper charts. The savings on the project were 90% of the initial budgeted amount.


We are solving problems that audits identify.

The Human Resources department for a national manufacturing company discovered records management compliance issues with sensitive records and brought us in to organize and remove them. This has led to a project to organize and manage records across the nation to improve their compliance with applicable laws and expedite their conversion to an Electronic Content Management system, including the development of new processes to minimize the creation of paper and improve the efficiency of their internal scanning solution.

Solving Problems in Audits
Project Management Document Scanning


We are solving problems for entire industries.

Our consulting team developed solutions for a group of healthcare providers in Georgia to ensure their compliance with the Affordable Care Act’s requirement to covert to an Electronic Health Record software. Our consulting team designed projects that would accomplish their goals in less time for as little as 25% of the cost, while cutting the client’s risk of a failed conversion through expert planning. Our project management team helped them identify the 2% of their inventory they would need before meeting retention requirements, and uploaded these records directly into the client’s EHR software for digital access, while storing the rest at a fraction of the cost of scanning until their retention requirements were met.


We are solving problems that change the scope of what our clients are procuring.

In response to an RFP process for either replacing a facility and staff for managing paper records or scanning all records to complete their digital transition, our Consulting Team developed a unique hybrid solution to apply strict retention guidelines to all physical records and scan any records requested for delivery. Then we facilitated the development of a database to allow the submission of digital copies of all records requests. This solution allowed the agency to implement their Electronic Content Management system at minimal cost, as the Agency would only pay to scan the 2% of archival records they needed, when they needed them, and would eliminate duplicate requests and scanning records that would never be needed.

Secure Records Solutions Van
Keyboarding, Indexing, Quality Control


We are solving problems related to organization and training.

A large municipality struggling to scan all of their records approached us about pockets of disorganized hardcopy records around the City they didn’t know what to do with. Our Indexing Team developed a total records system from scratch, including reorganizing files that had no system, and now uploads files as they are requested into their ECM System. We have been engaged to provide ongoing training and periodic audits of the system to ensure compliance.


We are solving problems related to workflow.

We were engaged to handle multiple large scanning projects more cost effectively than the Accounting Staff that was bogged down with it. By applying our team’s scale to the problem, we were able to dramatically cut the cost of the project to scan older records and now provide monthly pickups of new records to be scanned and uploaded into the client’s cloud based ECM System so their professional staff can focus on high level problems.

Solving Problems related to workflow
Solving Problems that span 60 years


We are solving problems that span 60 years.

Our consulting team conducted an audit and provided recommendations for a municipality that was struggling to organize 60 years of records for 15 departments stored in 10 locations. Our project management team organized the records and developed an electronic index, which the client used to purge records beyond their retention and make requests for scan delivery going forward. At conclusion, the municipality now has an integrated records management system in place.


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